Zoe Report Home Decor Trends That Are Out

August 11, 2019
Zoe Report Home Decor Trends That Are Out

Home Decor Trends That Are Out For Spring, According To Interior Designers

By Karen Tietjen Mar 16 2019

Spring signifies a fresh start, and in addition to cleaning, you may be looking for ways to update your place. Decor, like clothes, goes in and out of style, and with the holiday decorations long gone, it’s time to transition your home to go along with the change in weather. That means replacing the home decor trends that are out for spring and opt for some that are very now.

This season, it’s all about adding interest and airiness to your abode. Mash ups of colors, patterns, and textures are all the rage, creating layers of style (and personality) to your favorite living spaces. Kitchens and bathrooms, on the other hand, are getting upgraded with sleek silhouettes and clean color palettes. And metallics are in for a makeover, too: The newest accents aren’t just matte black, they’re a mix of metals like brass, copper, gold, and silver, in finishes that are polished, brushed, or matte.

You, too, can incorporate these design elements into your home, whether you’re planning a complete renovation or a budget-friendly refresh with modern furniture and artsy touches (no sledgehammers required). Ahead, design experts dish on which trends are “in” for the spring, and which ones are melting away with the snow, plus read up on ideas on how to make the former your own. After all, your wardrobe style changes with the seasons, and your home decor should, too.

Color & Texture

Meshberg Group
Out: Monochromatic Designs

Adam Meshberg, founder and principal of Meshberg Group, says that one-dimensional colors are out for the spring. “Minimalist design [and] all white or all dark palettes are out this season,” he says. “It’s all about textures, movement, and color livening up the space this spring.”

In: Mixed Colors, Patterns, & Materials

“[Meshberg Group designers] recommend mixing and matching textures within your living space by combining smooth concrete floors with linen wallpaper, [or] a wool fabric couch with accent pillows and a Cecile rug,” Meshberg says. The variation results in “creating a vibrant sense of dimension within the space.”