The Best Fire Pits for Outdoor Entertaining This Summer on Bloomberg

June 23, 2021
The Best Fire Pits for Outdoor Entertaining This Summer on Bloomberg

Adam Meshberg recently shared his outdoor fire pit picks and tips with Bloomberg.

“Note the surroundings when considering a location. Keep any fire pit around 20 feet from any structure or tree to reduce the risk of fires from sparks, and remember to avoid overhead pergolas. Architect Adam Meshberg has particular expertise in outdoor living spaces, and offers a simple rule of thumb for style. Square or rectangular designs are best for outlooks and viewpoints, while a round, campfire-like style encourages a huddle. ‘You can happily sit along one side of a linear design, looking out,” he says, ‘But a round shape is more conversational.’…

This Canadian company’s sleek, cast concrete designs are a favorite of Adam Meshberg. ‘I like their clean lines and the functionality, where you can use it as a coffee table when it’s not burning,’ he says. Among bestselling models is the square Bento, a gas-powered pit with either match-lit or electronic ignition. Customize the style, picking among different-colored concrete casings and toppings such as lava pebbles or crushed glass. Opt for the larger 42-inch model if you can, adds Meshberg. ‘The more burners you have, the more flame there is, and the more the fire will dance.’, from $4,700, plus $650 for a cover.”

– Excerpt, By Mark Ellwood on Bloomberg

Feature Photo by Jeff McNeill

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