Practical Luxury Real Estate Design Trends After Covid 19 On Business Insider

July 17, 2020
Practical Luxury Real Estate Design Trends After Covid 19 On Business Insider

Adam Meshberg is featured on Business Insider. These are the latest the latest shifts in architecture and design trends.  From private homes to amenity spaces, Meshberg Group is leading the way to design for the new normal.

From designing mobile modular foyers to using inherently anti-microbial decontamination stations and surfaces, Adam shares some practical shifts in spaces he designs due to the pandemic.

“Call it the Poppins rule,” says Business Insider of Adam’s new mantra: Everything should be practically perfect.

Adam Meshberg in Business Insider on Post Pandemic Changes in Luxury Interior Design and Architecture

“Luxury real estate is taking on a whole new look because of the pandemic. Here’s what you can expect to start seeing in houses, apartments, and outdoor spaces. 

A week before the pandemic struck, 44-year old attorney Jason Post closed on his dream home: a townhouse in Sunset Harbor, a quiet bayside corner of South Beach, Florida. Post was primed to begin a gut renovation, steered by Brooklyn-based architect and interior designer Adam Meshberg. Those plans shifted drastically as soon as the impact of COVID-19 became evident.

‘The idea was that you’d walk in, and everything would be wide open, so you could see the water from the front door, and I wanted to maintain that feeling,’ Post told Business Insider. ‘But I also wanted a distinct area when I walk in — not to sound so clinical, but almost like a decontamination station: somewhere to put down my groceries and take off my shoes.’

Briefed this way, Meshberg carved out a small, self

-contained foyer, like an elegant air lock, with ample storage, shelving and seating. Floors there will be stone, rather than wooden as elsewhere in the house, for easier disinfection.

Post is thrilled and reassured by the pivot: ‘It’s my own little space to separate the outside world from the house, my home.’ …

Post Covid Foyer Mudroom Design Meshberg Group

The foyer of Jason Post’s home.

Call it the Poppins rule: Everything should be practically perfect, Meshberg said.

The Pinterest boards clients like Post send him have pivoted in recent weeks: ‘There are more useful concepts, rather than just pretty pictures — instead of a beautiful marble bathroom, it’s more storage solutions and closets.’ There’s now an additional double pantry on the floor plan of the attorney’s townhouse, a forward-thinking gesture in case he has to cook at home again for an extended period.

‘Thinking about storing food after going to the grocery store just every two weeks wasn’t on the table when we started the plans,’ Meshberg said of the change in pantry design. 

Architect and Designer Adam Meshberg on Business Insider

Adam Meshberg, interior architect and designer.

Meshberg is also working on a modular version of the foyer he created for Post, intended for installation in lofts and other open-plan apartments. Think of it like a mobile closet and a movable storage cart. With built-in casters, it can be stashed next to a wall, or act as a barrier to entry right in front of the door; artwork on the back makes it as decorative as it is functional. 

Materials will be antibacterial, even if you don’t realize it

Materials will change, too, per Meshberg, with an emphasis on antimicrobials. He’s suggesting Porcelanosa’s Krion, a man-made alternative to stone that’s hard-wearing and stays clean, to clients. A pricier upgrade is copper, the luxuriously all-natural germ-fighting surface.”

– by Mark Ellwood, Business Insider (excerpt)

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