How Families Are Keeping Holiday Traditions Alive During The Pandemic on Lonny

January 11, 2021
How Families Are Keeping Holiday Traditions Alive During The Pandemic on Lonny

How Families Are Keeping Holiday Traditions Alive During The Pandemic

Written by Kelsey Mulvey. Edited by Shelby Wax.

“There’s a good chance that around this time last year, you were planning for an epic 2020. You were ready to travel the world, attend a string of weddings or maybe have your own, and fill your social calendar with dinner dates, parties, and the occasional concert. Little did we know, the universe had something else in mind. When most major cities issued their lockdown orders back in March, we thought we’d spend 14 days in quarantine max.

Since those weeks inevitably turned into months, we had to pause most of our big plans for 2020. Trips were cancelled and many wedding were postponed or turned into Zoom-friendly festivities. We can’t even imagine the next time we’ll be able to go into a packed concert venue.

However, what has stinged the most has been canceling holiday plans with family. Whether you live far away from your relatives or want to do your part in curbing the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s likely you’ll be celebrating the most wonderful time of the year away from the people you love the most.

But, a little distance doesn’t have to get in the way of keeping holiday traditions alive. Ahead, we asked folks to share how they’re staying connected with their loved ones this time of year. Whether you’re hosting a huge Zoom party or doubling down on your holiday cards, we hope the stories below will inspire you to fill an unprecedented year with some holiday cheer…”

“Though Adam Meshberg is a New York native, he and his family moved to Miami in order to expand his eponymous design and architecture firm. But, just because they couldn’t spend Hanukkah with their relatives doesn’t mean they had to miss out on the festive spirit.

In fact, his children performed a holiday performance — complete with crafts and costumes, of course — that was streamed over Zoom. Meshberg even jokes that the one-night-only production was followed by reviews on their family chats. And, yes, embarrassing photos were exchanged.

After the final bow, his family of four enjoyed a beachside picnic with potato latkes in tow. While this year’s celebration provided plenty of fun for all of his relatives, Meshberg hopes the festivities will teach his sons what the holiday is really about.

‘It boils down to remembering the meaning of Hanukkah and why we’re so lucky to celebrate it, even without all of the joyful noise that we’d usually expect this time of year,’ Meshberg explains to Lonny. ‘As a parent, I’m focusing on the very concept of Hanukkah and what I want my kids to remember: Faith, perseverance, and gratitude.'” – LONNY, Written by Kelsey Mulvey. Edited by Shelby Wax.