Adam Meshberg Shares Best Use For Bar Carts on Apartment Therapy

May 5, 2020
Adam Meshberg Shares Best Use For Bar Carts on Apartment Therapy

“Bar carts are, quite possibly, the most versatile home item. Sure, they’re designed to be a gathering spot for happy hours and dinner parties (in addition to storage for glassware, spirits, and bowls of fresh citrus), but even before social distancing took hold, they proved themselves to be a jack of all trades.

If you want a bar cart revamp that’ll help you make better use of your liquor station, here are some clever alternative uses, straight from a few trusty designer friends. From coffee carts to a WFH station on wheels, it’s time to get this household staple to work a little harder.

Turn It into a Family-Friendly Libation Station

If you’re not quite ready to give up the idea of a bar cart, Adam Meshberg, founder and principal of Meshberg Group, suggests transforming it into a multi-purpose nook the whole family can get in on.

Meshberg keeps Mason jars filled with trail mix, bamboo straws, and various other sweets on his home bar cart. ‘The bottom shelf holds my alcohol, while the two top shelves have been turned into a snack and hydration station for my kids,’ he says.

He also likes to use the top tier as a supplemental kitchen counter, keeping a juicer or blender on it, often with a decorative bowl filled with fresh fruit directly aside it. This way, the little ones can grab a healthy snack on-the-go or use them to make fresh juice.”

– excerpt by
ANNA KOCHARIAN, Apartment Therapy