8 design trends to watch out for in 2021 on Vogue Living

January 29, 2021
8 design trends to watch out for in 2021 on Vogue Living

Architect Adam Meshberg on Design Trends in Vogue Living

“For reasons we probably don’t need to explain, 2020 was not the year for embracing ground-breaking design trends. Sure, we spent more time indoors than any other year on record, but this insularity was borne out of survival, and often tinged with emotions many of us would care to leave behind. But, as our calendars have now switched to 2021, it gives many of us hope for a renewed sense of purpose and greater clarity on how we’d like to live at home.

Admittedly, ‘turning over a new leaf’ is typical new year speak. But resolutions aside, after the 2020 we had, surely we’ve earned the right to kick some new home habits into gear? From incorporating soothing natural colours (beige no longer reads as boring) to diving head first into vintage, here’s what some of the world’s leading designers have to say about design in 2021.

Adam Meshberg, founder and CEO of architecture and interior design firm Meshberg Group, agrees, stating that residential floor plans will start to incorporate breakout fitness rooms and office spaces. ‘While many multi-family [homes] have always touted work spaces, there will be a wave of large spaces with breakout rooms and phone rooms, all with social distance in mind to cater to this new remote trend that will extend beyond the current pandemic,” he says. “And instead of expansive fitness centres, we’ll see custom designed individual breakout fitness rooms with VR components and fitness on demand equipment like Peloton rooms and Mirror rooms with self-disinfectant technology.'” excerpt Vogue Living, by YEONG SASSALL.