Careful analysis of how contemporary life constantly evolves and changes informs our approach to innovative, tailored design solutions.

PHASE 01 Pre-design


Examining the past, present, and potential future of neighborhoods, Meshberg Group draws a thorough line guided by sophisticated observation of local aesthetics and universal ideals. Connecting valuable historical themes with emerging cultural notes, Meshberg Group presents designs that anticipate new ideals of living space.

  • Future of Neighborhoods
  • Universal Ideals
  • Emerging Cultural Notes


By asking what makes someone love where they live and how they enjoy the feeling of home, Meshberg Group creates a psychographic that informs design on both a micro and macro level. Distilling complex ideas around personality, values, opinions, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles, Meshberg Group solves for solutions to questions like – What does this person need in their life? What do they want to come home to? What will make the space complement their lifestyle?

  • Values
  • Lifestyles
  • Home


Meshberg Group has been awarded for taking what worked best about past architecture and effortlessly placing that in a future context. Meshberg Group engages with materials, culture, and neighborhood identity. Each and every execution welcomes you with insightful details, like the integration of historic cobblestones in a modern lobby, or door handles custom made by a pioneering process, to complement preserved architectural details.

  • Future Context
  • Neighborhood Identity
  • Integrating Details
  • 3D modeling + imagery
  • Lighting design
  • Material choices/options
  • Merging designs into renderings
  • Final material choices
  • Design specifications
  • Coordination of drawings across trades
  • Construction documents
  • Design drawings + technical detailing by Interior Design and Architect teams
  • “Cohesive design” allowing execution across trades
  • Coordinated drawing set delivered
  • Followthrough of approved design
  • Onsite presence to ensure built to MG standards
  • Verifying selected materials and installation, means and methods
  • Full communication with the construction team for Shop drawings, RFI’s and field directives
  • Full service procurement of all FFE, installation and staging

Specialty Services

Branded Partnerships

We partner with our preferred Brands to create packages that fit every clients needs and budgets. Our experience in the industry has given us the ability to match a project with a specific brand(s) in order to have the most value added relationship. Our curated brand packages can save time and money for our clients who don't know what their project may need in the end.

FF+E Procurement

Meshberg Group offers a turn key solution for all projects. By leveraging our relationships with vendors and custom fabricators we can offer our partners full procurement services. Creating a seamless process for the client by ensuring that all all specified FF+E is within budget, ordered on time and successfully installed at any job site.

Property Identity + Marketing

From the Planning and Designing phase to the Production and Marketing, we have a Brand Consistency process set in place. We work with various strategic methodologies to establish a due diligence process early on in any project, in order to arrive at the right strategy, before anything is built. We analyze and deliberate as much as we refine pixels and surfaces.